The Band

Aggressively knocking down the walls of negativity JAIL CITY ROCKERS, are attacking the nation with positivity, fun and dance. The band was formed in 2012 by Bonilla brothers Andrew (Lead Guitar/Vocals) and Gabriel (Writing/Drums), out of boredom and frustration of the emerging “Punk Scene”. So, through their love of older music they reached way back to the original roots of music, tore down the genres, ripped apart the labels, and Jail City’s raw aggressive sound was born.

So far Jail City Rockers have shared the stage with top names such as… The Business, The Vibrators, and The Damned. They have also played top festivals such as Punk Rock Bowling festival stage in 2019 and played with The Specials, The Undertones, and The Stranglers. Jail City also played the Utah Arts Festival as a headlining act with The Slackers.

With a solid crew of K.C. Avenue on rhythm guitar and Francisco Herrero on bass, they have climbed their way onto the main stage, but they are not stopping there. They have been entertaining many fans over the years with their upbeat Ska/Oi! Rock sound that always leaves you wanting more